A Christmas Gift for Dad (but really for Mom)

It’s hard to find a novel Christmas gift for dad after you are done with ties, wallets, backpacks, shirts, and sweaters. If your father has a hobby or favorite sport, you are in luck. There are loads of golf gadgets not to mention football and baseball team gear and memorabilia. You can’t go wrong with a logo hoodie. Again, after you have saturated this category, you have to get more creative in the long run.

It’s a little easier to buy for moms who like cosmetics, perfume, candy, flowers, clothing, jewelry, and almost anything else. They are more sentimental and appreciate the gesture. You don’t have to rack your brain quite as much. But again, been there, done that. You could combine gifts one year and get something that is of value to both parents.

I have an idea for the upcoming season that is a bit different. I saw it on the Internet, although this is certainly nothing new, and it caught my eye. It is an electric power washer for home use. They make large, more costly units for commercial purposes, but there are some great light-weight, portable options for residential needs for a few hundred dollars. I don’t think people think of power washers as the ideal gift, but I definitely had a personal reason behind this choice.

Mom is always complaining about the outside pavers and driveway. The landscaping can be crisp and neat, the paint on the house pristine, but the rest looks a bit disheveled. She nags a lot about it but knows it is major toil and won’t go there personally to do something about it. I suggested the gardener, but she said “it’s not his job.” Why pay for something dad can do. Mmmm.

So I thought I would make this task more appealing. If dad got a power washer for the holidays, it would also be a gift for mom, who would reap the benefits more than he in actuality. Since he hasn’t addressed the problem as yet, no doubt he doesn’t much care. The property looks lived in, so he says. What an excuse. I have to give it to him!

Will he use the pressure washer? If he cares about my feelings, he will. I found the best electric pressure washer I could online. I expect same day attention to the matter. He will have to test it out right away with mom spying quietly through the kitchen window. I will be out there cheering him on. I think he might get into all the gadgets like brushes, hoses, and nozzles. I will be sure the spray is adjustable in case he wants to tackle the car—or maybe the filthy dog. I will read up ahead of time and position myself as coach. That should go over well! It will be a true father/daughter enterprise. I might start a new tradition.

So consider this suggestion yourself if you are stymied at gift-giving time and have exhausted all possibilities. Set a budget and you will find a suitable item. Almost everyone has a task that can use the device for cleaning assistance.