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On a James Bond Binge

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a James Bond movie, probably a few years, and I used to do this at least every other week. Sean Connery will forever be the James Bond for me, in case you couldn’t tell already. Not only because he was the first actor to play him, but also because he has set the standard for everyone else to follow, so… You can see where I’m going with this. Sean Connery is the man. No further explanation needed.

Anyways, I watched Diamonds are Forever and From Russia With Love last night. I wanted to pull an all-nighter and also watch Thunderball and You Only Live Twice, but I had such a long week, it’s a miracle I even managed to stay awake for four hours! I went full-on – white wine and a lot of snacks. No need to tell you that this was much needed, I felt like hanging out with an old friend. I still can’t decide which movie is my favorite, though, but that’s least important. That reminds me, I should definitely watch The Name of the Rose again sometime soon. Note to self, taken.

Ever since I saw my first James Bond movie I became an instant fan and it never went away. I even got my boyfriend to dress up as him on Halloween last year, and of course, I was a Bond-girl. He wasn’t really into it at first because he isn’t a fan of Bond movies, but I really wanted our costumes to be authentic, so I thought a watch, the kind that James Bond wore, would be the best accessory piece for him. I mean, what is a spy without a watch? (and without a Bond-girl, of course) An authentic Rolex Submariner is very difficult to find, and not to mention incredibly expensive, so I got him a similar-looking watch instead, and he was happy – credit to Patrick at TQ. There was actually a contest for best costume, but we didn’t win it.

All the same, I got to be a Bond-girl for a night, and I didn’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight! It was actually really fun, the costumes of the people who were there were so fun and creative, it really got me all inspired to up my costume game for this Halloween. I actually talked to this girl about her costume, she was dressed as a zombie, and she told me that she had designed her own costume and did her own make-up. And, let me tell you, she looked really scary!

But, back on my James Bond rant. A good spy has intelligence, charm, charisma, and skills. He isn’t afraid of dangerous situations or bad guys, he’s just fearless. This is why I like Sean Connery as James Bond, he’s the perfect fit. Too bad he didn’t do more than four Bond movies. But, oh well, he has a lot of other great movies too, and I’ve seen almost all of them!

My name is Debbie and I still love Sean.


Sean Connery may be retired now but I still remember him as Bond. When I was a teen I used to think one day I would be a Bond girl. Not so much because they were James’ girlfriends. Every girl who was in a bond flick became world famous and their careers took off. I wanted that more than having said I was in a bond flick.

Not that playing opposite him wouldn’t be divine and all. His Scottish accent still gives me shivers when I hear it when they have one of his movies on cable. That face and especially his eyes.

I am afraid I was more pragmatic and would be in it for the boost to my career would get.
But is nice to dream once in awhile what might have been. Since I have to work my you know what off every day at an office. Yep I am not an actress or glamorous. I am an office manager. A pretty good one at that.

I am a divorced single mom with a daughter in High school and I hope she’s not reading this and seeing how silly here mom is.

I have his website in saved in my web browser’s favourites and I check it every few weeks to see what’s up. Try and see what he has to say. The artwork on display at the site is done by his wife Micheline. I am sorry too girls he’s married. Had to be.

Born in 1930 and left school at and early age to work to help make ends meet for his family as the eldest of 3 sons. He really was in the Navy he went in at 16. He even got two tattoos to prove it. One says Mom and Dad and the other says Scotland Forever.

His career only lasted 3 years before an ulcer got him out. He went through many menial jobs but he always stuck with his hobby he was fascinated by bodybuilding and finally placed 3rd in the 1958 Mr. Universe.

He spent 8 years doing modeling and even was in a chorus line until his big break staring opposite Lana Turner in “Another Time Another Place” in 1958. I know because I have a copy.

It took another 4 years before he landed the role we all know and love. The boys love Bond because of the guns, gadgets, and girls, me because of the brogue and the bedroom eyes.

Of his non-Bond movies I think I like “Rising Sun” with Wesley Snipes where he played a police consultant and a master of Japanese culture and politics who did have to carry a gun to get things done.

He used diplomacy and his head and was always ahead of his Kohei Wesley.
But, one of his favorite roles was that of the troubled detective in “The Offense”

I think He did the Indiana Jones movie more for fun and I think he had a great time doing them.

At 60 years he was voted the world’s sexiest man in the world and at 83 to me he still is.