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Jessica Simpson – we’re waiting…


Debbie at Home…….

Jessica is due to get/supposed to get married this year is still going on and after two kids maybe she shouldn’t.

She’s had many chances to tie the knot and hasn’t maybe it’s him or maybe it’s her. I think maybe she should stay single. She is making enough money now and she doesn’t have to worry about where the rent money is coming from like yours truly. But I really don’t care about her personnel life that much.

I like her music and I want to know if/when you is going to do another song.

My favorite is her music video “These Boots were Made for Walking” and that’s what I did about that time when I divorced my husband when I found he and ……….… were …..… You know the rest.

She hasn’t had an single out since 2010 and she had 2. Her Album release for that year was a compilation album. So what is she doing? It’s been 4 years and nada.

I sound like a disgruntled fan I know but…I miss her voice.

She is such a talent, business, Singing, Movies and TV.

Her album “In This Skin” one of my favorites and I wore out one CD and had to buy another (actually I scratched it). I’ve since downloaded it and I listen to it at work as part of my stress release during lunch where I do Yoga and listen to some music and calm myself before the afternoon rush at the office.

She has done so much since she first hit the world spotlight in 1999.

From the Dukes of Hazard to feature Films. Dukes which was is a favorite of both my daughter and I could still be seen on TV up till 2010 then it was renewed in 2012 and again this year on CMT which is where you can still see it and some of Jessica’s Country music videos she made after her switch to country music in 2009.

I like country and CMT is where it’s at.

So, I sometime look at her fashions and a perfume. Though, it is more for my daughter than for me. I read her perfume empire alone is worth a billion dollars. Wow, that’s a lot of perfume to sell.

My daughter has a bottle of “Fancy Nights” Which I snitch a dab or two before I go to work sometimes.

I am not that old and I do look good in boots or heels.

Her website seems to be just showing screensaver images and a note saying a new one will be up soon. So if you want any current info, you have to go follow her on Twitter.

She did some “Employee of the Month” which reminded me of some of the antics that goes on around at my office.

So, Jessica When are you going to do something? Get married, another song, movie or TV series? Or are you just going to leave us out here hanging and waiting?


Michael Bolton – Oh Yeah!


Debbie at the office………

Last time I talked about one of my favorite Artists. This morning I was thinking about another on the train going in to work. I am on my lunch hour. Michael Bolton is another favorite of mine. My daughter doesn’t like him. But then we seldom see eye to eye on anything except clothes and food.

I heard Michael Bolton was over in Azerbaijan, which is in Asia. He is giving concerts there. I haven’t seen When is will be touring again But he is releasing a new album in May. I can hardly wait. I have preordered it on CD from Amazon and if you want information on it or where Mike is you can go to his website at:

The name of the new album is “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. Which I recall is the name of a song by Aretha Franklin done in the 60’s.

My daughter thinks my taste in music “sucks” a direct quote I might add.

Mike is another singer who started in the 70’s and made the transition form Heavy Metal to contemporary and easy Listening where he has been a mainstay there for years.

He’s released 19 Albums and 35 Singles Which shows he’s always working on new projects.

In the last 10 years or so he’s released 9 Albums. Which is about one every year to year and a half.

Plus he travels all over the world giving concerts when he’s not writing music for himself and others he’s in the studio. He still finds time to be with his daughter.

He has worked many other vocalists and his Charity work is known worldwide. I think that’s why I like him so much, he is so versatile and his voice no one else has that. And My favorite song “When A Man Loves A Woman” need I say more.

He is going out on tour this year and maybe if I can get the time I will try and take some time off and go to one of his concerts. Maybe I can convince my daughter Maria to go to(Especially if I spring for the tickets).

We may rent a van and make it a summer getaway and go to Georgia I have some cousins down that way and Peachtree is in the south metro area of Atlanta which is a beautiful city with some great restaurants and of course shopping.

I haven’t been there in years. Last time was for a business convention in 2006. I toured Ted Turner’s CNN headquarters. which is owned by AOL now and after Time Warner dumped him in around before they merged with AOL in 2000.

But, Michael will be performing in July and I will see if I can get tickets and see if Maria wants to go.

I think it would be good to get away from the city for a while and maybe try to do a little bonding, as I know I am not at home as much as I like and it’s hard on her.

We’ll see what happens……


George Michael – Wake Me Up!

George Michael

Debbie from the office.

Last night the Rockumentry “A Different Story” was the life story of one of my favorite male singers, George Michael. My daughter Marie heard the music and came down and for one we didn’t argue or disagree.
She actually got into it. I am glad I have a collection of vinyl albums. I know that is passé in today’s DVD/MP3 and download it to your iPad or smartphone. I am a purist I think the old way of listening to records and they put out better sound than digital. Personal taste or good ears I think I have both.
So I guess I can safely leave them to my daughter and she will continue to enjoy them and not sell them at the flea market.

My favorite Album “Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1”. George has a new album CD out called “SYMPHONICA” and it is for his 2011-2012 tour. If you want to find out where he is going to be doing next go to and you can find where he will be appearing. His web site was shut down for a while and there were rumors he was going to retire. I guess there is a method to his madness.

Has it been 30 years I start listening when I was..… Well I was much younger than I am now.
He started recording songs back after the Disco craze in the 70’s. (Before you ask NO I am not that old). I started listening back in the early 90’s. By then he was already the hottest thing around. I missed out on his Wham years. in the late 80’s. Though later I bought them for my collection.
Like I said my favorite album is ” Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1″. But, my favorite song is “Don’t let the Sun go down on me” The duet version he sang with Elton John in 1991 I was still in braces but I loved that song.

I still bought his albums during his problem years problems with both drugs and his public sex scandals. They didn’t bother me then or now for that matter either. Now with same sex marriage being legalized all over being gay doesn’t bring on the stigma it once did.

I thought his career was coming to an end when in 2011 his health started going downhill. Everyone was thinking AIDS and this is the end.
But, he made it through it. Viral Pneumonia is no joke.

In 2013 he suffered a head injury after being thrown from his car. That is why when the red curtain was on his website I thought this was finally the end.

But you can’t keep a great singer down and now he is on he just had a new video out and new concert documentary “George Michael At The Palais Gamier Paris” is being aired on AXS TV.

So, scandals, drug problems, pneumonia and car accidents can’t keep George Michael down. He keeps rising to the occasion. That’s probably why he is still one of my favorite singers. We could all learn from his example.