George Michael – Wake Me Up!

George Michael

Debbie from the office.

Last night the Rockumentry “A Different Story” was the life story of one of my favorite male singers, George Michael. My daughter Marie heard the music and came down and for one we didn’t argue or disagree.
She actually got into it. I am glad I have a collection of vinyl albums. I know that is passé in today’s DVD/MP3 and download it to your iPad or smartphone. I am a purist I think the old way of listening to records and they put out better sound than digital. Personal taste or good ears I think I have both.
So I guess I can safely leave them to my daughter and she will continue to enjoy them and not sell them at the flea market.

My favorite Album “Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1”. George has a new album CD out called “SYMPHONICA” and it is for his 2011-2012 tour. If you want to find out where he is going to be doing next go to and you can find where he will be appearing. His web site was shut down for a while and there were rumors he was going to retire. I guess there is a method to his madness.

Has it been 30 years I start listening when I was..… Well I was much younger than I am now.
He started recording songs back after the Disco craze in the 70’s. (Before you ask NO I am not that old). I started listening back in the early 90’s. By then he was already the hottest thing around. I missed out on his Wham years. in the late 80’s. Though later I bought them for my collection.
Like I said my favorite album is ” Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1″. But, my favorite song is “Don’t let the Sun go down on me” The duet version he sang with Elton John in 1991 I was still in braces but I loved that song.

I still bought his albums during his problem years problems with both drugs and his public sex scandals. They didn’t bother me then or now for that matter either. Now with same sex marriage being legalized all over being gay doesn’t bring on the stigma it once did.

I thought his career was coming to an end when in 2011 his health started going downhill. Everyone was thinking AIDS and this is the end.
But, he made it through it. Viral Pneumonia is no joke.

In 2013 he suffered a head injury after being thrown from his car. That is why when the red curtain was on his website I thought this was finally the end.

But you can’t keep a great singer down and now he is on he just had a new video out and new concert documentary “George Michael At The Palais Gamier Paris” is being aired on AXS TV.

So, scandals, drug problems, pneumonia and car accidents can’t keep George Michael down. He keeps rising to the occasion. That’s probably why he is still one of my favorite singers. We could all learn from his example.