Getting Fit, Getting Equipped

There are big decisions to be made in life. They have to do with milestones like getting engaged, becoming married, having children, selecting and changing careers, traveling, relocating, and so on. On a smaller scale, there are decisions to be made in between that pertain to the quality of life. Not that mine isn’t good. It is. It’s just that I want it to be better.

So what did I decide to do for myself? It wasn’t to take a trip or a new job. It wasn’t to commit to someone new or move. It was the big mind-blowing decision to exercise on a regular routine basis – without fail and with specific goals in mind. It’s not about being fat or even a pinch overweight. It’s not about following a fad or doing something at the suggestion of a nagging mom. It is all about fitness and health in and for itself. It is about starting young to make sure it is easier later on when it really counts. It is about planning my life with some future orientation. Wow. That is so mature.

I know that young people, as we are called, don’t often think like this. I did read a few articles and I did start to ponder the subject of personal growth—a great euphemism. The next step was getting some good home gym equipment. (My gym is the spare room by the way but I like the idea of the name “home gym.”) I was very particular about what I acquired since the last time I did this a few years ago, it all ended up unpacked in the closet.

Some three to four years later, I am now equipped to get fit. I envy celebs with all that muscle tone and I know how much work it takes—and money if you want to hire a trainer. I am on my own, but I have some good examples to follow. I am not naïve. I know there is a certain regimen to it and you have to know how to use the simplest gear properly. You can’t just read the diagrams and go wild.

I am doing my homework to set forth a program tailored by me for me. I will involve some 8 pound weights, a set of the best resistance bands for stretching, a large plastic balance ball, and a yoga mat. A mini trampoline is flitting through my mind as are some boxing gloves just because they are so cool. So much can be done on the mat if you like the spare approach: sit ups, pushups, the plank, scissor kicks, and so on. I won’t run out of exercises on my bare bones fitness plan. I wish I had room for a treadmill. To me that is the ideal way to keep in shape and feel productive. Maybe some day.

Let me tell you that exercise gets addictive! I like to listen to some music and use the rhythm to set me on a course to my fitness destiny. I plan to keep toned and taut for all the world to see.