Jessica Simpson – we’re waiting…


Debbie at Home…….

Jessica is due to get/supposed to get married this year is still going on and after two kids maybe she shouldn’t.

She’s had many chances to tie the knot and hasn’t maybe it’s him or maybe it’s her. I think maybe she should stay single. She is making enough money now and she doesn’t have to worry about where the rent money is coming from like yours truly. But I really don’t care about her personnel life that much.

I like her music and I want to know if/when you is going to do another song.

My favorite is her music video “These Boots were Made for Walking” and that’s what I did about that time when I divorced my husband when I found he and ……….… were …..… You know the rest.

She hasn’t had an single out since 2010 and she had 2. Her Album release for that year was a compilation album. So what is she doing? It’s been 4 years and nada.

I sound like a disgruntled fan I know but…I miss her voice.

She is such a talent, business, Singing, Movies and TV.

Her album “In This Skin” one of my favorites and I wore out one CD and had to buy another (actually I scratched it). I’ve since downloaded it and I listen to it at work as part of my stress release during lunch where I do Yoga and listen to some music and calm myself before the afternoon rush at the office.

She has done so much since she first hit the world spotlight in 1999.

From the Dukes of Hazard to feature Films. Dukes which was is a favorite of both my daughter and I could still be seen on TV up till 2010 then it was renewed in 2012 and again this year on CMT which is where you can still see it and some of Jessica’s Country music videos she made after her switch to country music in 2009.

I like country and CMT is where it’s at.

So, I sometime look at her fashions and a perfume. Though, it is more for my daughter than for me. I read her perfume empire alone is worth a billion dollars. Wow, that’s a lot of perfume to sell.

My daughter has a bottle of “Fancy Nights” Which I snitch a dab or two before I go to work sometimes.

I am not that old and I do look good in boots or heels.

Her website seems to be just showing screensaver images and a note saying a new one will be up soon. So if you want any current info, you have to go follow her on Twitter.

She did some “Employee of the Month” which reminded me of some of the antics that goes on around at my office.

So, Jessica When are you going to do something? Get married, another song, movie or TV series? Or are you just going to leave us out here hanging and waiting?