Makeup and Beauty Focus: Eyelashes

I am devastated by the sudden death of George Michael, one of my idols. I must distract myself with something amusing to take my mind off sad things. I am getting into makeup and fashion. Suddenly I am interested in mascara, eyelash curlers, and false eyelashes. I instantly go looking for a guide for beginners and I found this one. These are a makeup beauty focus that takes you beyond blush colors and types of lipstick. Most women limit themselves to a touch of foundation and a smear of lip color, but I think the eyes get short shrift. When you see before and after photos with and without eyelashes, it is amazing how good the model looks. Women say they worry about their eyelashes falling out with too much brittle mascara, but I know for a fact that the newest products are gentle and nourish these little cilia.

For everyday wear, mascara can be enough. If you like drama, two coats are requisite. But for really amazing results, put on a strip of eyelashes. If you don’t mind taking an hour to make yourself look good, you can apply the lashes one by one. That is a labor of love for sure. I stick with simple tricks and they work well enough. Maybe save the individual lashes for special events. If it is really a big deal like a wedding or special occasion, they can be professionally applied to last for up to two weeks. For some women, this is a requirement in their lives. More and more eyelash specialty salons are popping up.

If you are going to want to remove the lashes right away, get a good remover that is for sensitive eyes. You should worry about an allergic reaction to some products. I like the solutions that also nourish your natural lashes. You don’t want them to fall out because you are torturing them with too much adhesive glue. The glue is another story and must be the very best. Use only a product designed for false eyelashes. I made the mistake of using something sitting around in my bathroom and the next morning I unexpectedly awoke with raccoon eyes. What a disaster! I should have known better. Now I am in a position to give advice so I can tell you what I say is true from experience.

If you are having your picture taken to commemorate an event or to give to a loved one, false eyelashes will shift the focus nicely to your eyes. After all, they are the windows to the soul. Make them look deep, dark, and exotic with a simple strip of lashes. They will make you look very special. I personally like the glamour idea from time to time and not every day. Then when you wear the eyelashes, you will stand out. If you have a new outfit, power it up with the right makeup.

Take care of your eyelashes and they can be used more than once. Why not be economical if you can. If they start to stick together, toss them in the trash.