Showering into Adulthood

We all get a bit nostalgic now and then. I was watching a TV movie about a mother and daughter whose lifelong bickering wasn’t resolved until the latter was in her late 20’s. This kind of rang a bell with me and I started to remember some very good times (and a few bad). Mostly my thoughts were a paean to youth and what life was like when I was still in the parental embrace. Or cocoon I should say. You don’t miss it until it’s gone.

Moving out was dramatic for sure. It was a landmark point in my life and the beginning of true independence. Young adults make more out of it than it merits. Freedom at last! It was pretty heady stuff given the arguments and ersatz fights that defined my teen years. (Nothing special, typical of the nature of the beast.) Now in retrospect, I can admit that I miss those home cooked meals, a nice clean bedroom, loving listeners whenever I needed it, and a friendly canine greeting whenever I returned home. You don’t realize how charmed life is as an adolescent. You need distance to see it in its true surreal perspective. (Having your laundry washed and folded, and placed neatly on your bed. Aah!)

My apartment isn’t bad, but it isn’t like the abode of my childhood. In fact, my parents had just done some remodeling when I was fifteen and I got a brand new bathroom. New toilet, sink, tile décor: the works. They even let me choose my showerhead thinking this was a safe enough project for a flighty female. And choose I did. I had to visit at least ten hardware stores and high-end appliance outlets before committing. It took weeks. Why? Because I had no idea how complicated this decision was going to be.

First, what finish: chrome or brass, shiny or matte? The look: ultra-modern, space age, traditional, faux antique? Did I want to conserve water, make soft water, have a million choices of sprays, and/or a twist neck design? Whew! It was too much for a girl who couldn’t decide what lipstick to wear that day. I found out about flow, temperature settings, ease of manipulation, height requirements, hand-held models, and lots more. It all became so important! After all, it is very important for a girl to have A Great Shower!

Actually, I was pretty proud of myself when my pride and joy choice from Kohler arrived for installation. It was a mid-range product, but the best rain shower head that I could get with the budget that my parents had allocated me. It was befitting our nice middle class suburban bungalow but good enough to feature everything a growing girl could want in a luxury shower. I would spent hours deluged by warm pelting water, listening to music, humming alone, and just being young and happy.

I think my parents instinctively knew that decision-making was maturity-making. Without risk, they gave me my first real adult contribution to the household. They set something in motion inside me that I will never forget. They said they agreed with my perfect choice–who knows. All in all, I was pretty proud of my entrance into adulthood.