When I’m in a bad mood I…


Debbie at the Office……..

I am just so pissed today. Some reports and presentation material got fouled up at the printer and now we are scrambling to meet a 5 pm deadline.

When I am in a bad mood like this I have to step back take a deep breath and same my mantra “We will get through this” over and over.

It worked pretty well today; I didn’t snap anyone’s head off at the printers.

I also have a good supply of calming tea blends like green tea and chamomile tea. Trust me they work or maybe it’s the art of, and time spent, making the tea that has the calming effect.

At lunch I practice Yoga and meditation and for the last few months I’ve been doing Nishino breathing which one of our Japanese sales reps taught me when she came into town for one of our yearly meetings.

I like the Kriya Yoga system and the idea of developing my Kundalini energy is a fascinating goal and I feel better. For my mediation I practice Yantra mediation and I have the Sri Yantra on my wall and I slow my breathing and stand sit on the floor and practice the sitting form of Nishino breathing and after a few minutes I feel refreshed and ready to open my door and face the rest of the office.

I also sometimes listen to special music by Steve Halpren or Michael Bolton and Jessica Simpson. I also have some rock music if I want to get more upbeat.

When I am uptight at home I curl up with a galleon of Hagen-Daz Rocky Road. Maria my daughter often comes down from her room and we can finish it together in an evening.

After work on Thursdays I go to the gym for a Pilates work out. I prefer the mat exercises as I don’t have all the paraphernalia at home just a small meditation rug and a yoga mat.

On Saturdays I go to practice Aikido and I am almost ready to take my Brown belt examination. I don’t do it for self defense or anything I do it because I like to feel the movement and the joy of working out in a fast yet calm manner.

My Sensei says I am making good progress and in a year or so will be able to go for my Black belt.
My daughter is thinking about taking it up too. But, time will tell.

If I’ve had a really bad day Maria and I eat out and the local Thai restaurant where we pig out on the appetizers like Crab Rangoon and the Thai spring rolls before diving into some spicy curry and Tom Yum Goog (Hot and Sour Soup).

I love the Thai Iced Coffee. but it keeps me up at night. So Maria and I curl up and watch old Black and White Bogie flicks like “Casablanca” or “To Have and Have Not” or my personal favorite “Key Largo”.